We are an organisation dedicated to tackling stigma in mental health through creative sharing.  We aim to help people share ideas, experiences and encourage self-expression through art of all forms.

We produce a quarterly online magazine the ‘Creative Mental Health Guide’ that can also be downloaded as a pdf, a fully interactive social media site and online webinar courses in recovery and education.

Locally we work as part of the Good Mental Health Co-operative and run many workshops and events for all different groups.

We recently launched our Recovery and Training website to complement our fabulous Online Community here at Creative Mental Health.  This is where the webinars take place and you can book your place at any workshops.

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Founded in October 2013 we have grown from one strength to the next, having built up a positive reputation for delivering high quality creative workshops and producing a regular magazine that has made a mark across the globe. We now have a large team here at Creative Mental Health, working hard to deliver a positive change to social views on mental health across the globe.

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We have started an Anxiety Discussion group as part of our Free Understanding Anxiety courses, helping each other and feeling free to share openly.

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Sharing social struggles through writing

At our fortnightly meet-up of the Forum Theatre in Southsea, we always include a warm up of some kind, usually silly and funny! and often through writing. Our last session I decided to create a sharing exercise that was so simple, but worked brilliantly. I asked us to consider how we feel in a social … Continue reading Sharing social struggles through writing

festival Launch Event ~Amazing day :0)

On the 7th May 2016 we held the big Launch Event for the Hampshire Festival of the Mind and it was incredible ! Key note speaker Professor Paul Crawford, stalls, workshops, creative activities, drama, lifemusic, bellydancing, tai chi, the Labyrinth, exhibitions and much more. An extraordinary and inspiring day. Opened by the Mayor of Portsmouth. … Continue reading festival Launch Event ~Amazing day :0)

Calming your Way to Wellness

Over the next few months I will be writing a series of articles called ‘Calming your Way to Wellness’ especially for the Creative Mental Health Guide. This first article explaining the difference between a Yantra and a Mandala is about how the drawing of a Yantra or a personal Mandala helps to soothe and calm … Continue reading Calming your Way to Wellness

Yes or No to Uniforms in Mental Health Hospitals

In response to a move by some Mental Health Services to introduce a uniform policy for the nurses working on the wards, we would like to take a survey on how our community feel about this. The survey will not ask for any details from you but will register your IP address to ensure the … Continue reading Yes or No to Uniforms in Mental Health Hospitals

Peer Supporters Global Recognition Day

To celebrate Peer Supporters Global Recognition Day we are sharing an inspiring presentation by Paulissa Kipp at the 2014 Success, Hopes & Dreams Conference Survivor’s Panel, talking about how she became – and why she is now – a Peer Support Specialist. “It has been a journey, one I have been privileged to grow from … Continue reading Peer Supporters Global Recognition Day