Inline Ad Pricing

Type# AvailablePricing
Inline Banner Ad30 slot(s)£3.00
for 14 days
for 28 days
for 60 days

Paid Review Pricing

Type# AvailablePricing
Written by you1 every 1 days£200.00
Written by us1 every 1 days£500.00

Purchasing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in advertising in our site. This publication is a very exciting way for you and Creative Mental Health to engage and connect with people locally and worldwide. All the money raised in advertising is used to fund the cost of running and managing this website, so please help us continue this great resource by helping yourself to connect with more potential costumes and active followers.

Inline Banner Ad is your poster that will appear, for the set period of time requested, in all of our CreativeMH Guide Articles, Events and Posts across the site. You can use this online platform to track clicks and manage your account. Our site has 100's of visitors every day so we are sure you will be satisfied with the level of advertising for the small cost we charge. If you are having problems getting your poster to the right pixels there are a number of online re-sizing sites that can do this for you, we use
(We do have a set number of spaces available for charities that we can provide for free, please go to the home page to contact us if this applies to you.)

The Paid Review Pricing is for businesses that wish to advertise as a full post that is sent out to social media pages and also included in our rss feed. We will only accept relevant projects and items, and only if we believe the product is valuable to our readers.
(For charitable projects we can provide free reviews as part of the Creative Mental Health Guide, please visit our 'getting published' page for more details)

Advertising Terms and Conditions

All submissions are reviewed and the editors reserve the right to refuse publication. Any submissions that are rude or offensive will not be printed and no refund will be made.
There is no automatic right to a refund but they will be considered on an individual case by case basis.
Charities and not-for-profit projects may, at the editors’ discretion, qualify for a 100% discount. Up to 20% of adverting space will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis to qualifying organisations (you will need to email us for this).
The publishers reserve the right to withhold, or delay publication of any issue, or abandon all future publications. All monies received in respect of future advertisements would be refunded in the event that the publication of an issue was delayed by more than two months.
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