Logging in


Are you having problems logging in or tried to change your password?


I can’t remember my password or have tried to change my password.

Click the forgotten password link, you will receive an email.  Click the link in the email and remove the prefilled new password, fill with the password you want to use and save.

I have created an account but now I cant access it?

The most likely problem here is you miss spelt your email on sign up.  Unfortunately at the moment the system does not ask you to confirm your email when you enter it on the form and this leads to accounts being set up with the wrong email address.  When you set up an account you should receive an email to confirm your email address.  If this has not happened you have not created an account.

Can I use my email address to sign in?

Yes you most definitely can

Can i sign in using the wordpress account i already have?

Yes you most definitely can

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