Light escapes the landscape.
The shadows spread and linger,
touching my heart
with an icy tingle.
Whether crisp and clear
or misty overcast
makes no difference
the die is cast!…

Heaviness encroaching
of hard frosty sheen
such overwhelming…
who remembers what has been?
But does sheer harshness
win the day,
or will the light return –
chasing abstract shade away?

Paul Norton. Southsea. 5th December 2017.

Written on the occasion of looking out over my December strewn morning garden in Southsea.


Can’t do this!
Can’t do this today
Can’t find my way
staggering forth
with hollow thoughts.
Feel nothing inside
whilst others make merry on the outside.
This emptiness grows
my humour it steals.
My loneliness echoes
around crowded streets.
How long will this last?
The same as before?
Or, go as it came
when I walked out the door?

But walking in –
a wide grin is shared
I have to respond
Don’t want to seem rude!
How would I dare?!
Within my protective shell
a crack appears
That simple gesture calls me from a hell
of misgivings and fears.
Although she knew nothing of my nothingness, my empty tears.
Maybe – I can enjoy it for a while?….
and, who knows, pass on that smile?
Perhaps I can do this??!!…

(C) Paul Norton, Southsea. December 2016.

Written on the occasion of reluctantly leaving a few days hibernation (due to low down depressive episode & seasonal Cold & Cough).
Where do I go?
Hmmmm… Coffee!!
Went to Aurora Café, Albert Road, Southsea.
The smiley girl, Thizer, behind the counter made my day!!… & my poem!!

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