Submitting to the Creative Mental Health Guide


The Creative Mental Health Guide is a quarterly publication that is view-able online and as a pdf downloadable document.

To submit to the publication you need to request contributor rights, please read our Getting Published page



Once you have these rights applied to your profile you can follow these simple steps to submit your work

1 Click on the top left to navigate to the ‘dashboard’

2. Go to your profile in the dashboard and enter your biography / a little bit about you.

3. Now go to ‘Article’ to set up your article,  of course :0) 



This is all you need if you are submitting a piece of writing, just click the ‘Submit for Review’ button or the ‘Save Draft’ button if your coming back to it later.

But if you are submitting photos too you will need to follow the next 2 steps first.

4. Go to the ‘gmedia’ button to upload your photos/ art work pictures. You can upload everything together.

5. Now to put your pictures into your article in the place you want to show them on the page, click the ‘Add Media’ button. Select the first picture and click add to set it on the Article page.  You can move it around the page and give it a name by clicking the pencil icon on the picture.

You done! Click the Submit button to send it to us for editing

Let us know  you have finished :0)




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