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Calming your Way to Wellness

Over the next few months I will be writing a series of articles called ‘Calming your Way to Wellness’ especially for the Creative Mental Health Guide. This first article explaining the difference between a Yantra and a Mandala is about how the drawing of a Yantra or a personal Mandala helps to soothe and calm the mind.

Give it a go and leave me a comment to let me know how you get on

Peer Supporters Global Recognition Day

To celebrate Peer Supporters Global Recognition Day we are sharing an inspiring presentation by Paulissa Kipp at the 2014 Success, Hopes & Dreams Conference Survivor’s Panel, talking about how she became – and why she is now – a Peer Support Specialist.

“It has been a journey, one I have been privileged to grow from and share along the way.”

(please note- trigger warning to  victims of domestic violence)

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day! so to celebrate we are sending out a collection of articles gathered by Carolyn at the Good Mental Health Co-op to give you a selection of relevant and interesting reads for your weekend.  We have also linked some insightful radio interviews from the Tales of the Human Library, I recommend everyone should listen to at least one of these to gain an insight to how serious mental ill-health feels.  To conclude our message of insight and awareness  we have included a fantastic short story that will pull on your heart-strings.  The makers of this video are being featured in our next main issue and we will be talking about their inspiration, motivation and how they created this incredible short movie.

Want a good read over the weekend? check out this collection of interesting articles

don’t miss our last discussion posts ‘thoughts on the works capability assessment’ and ‘primarily obsessional ocd aka pure-o’

Tales of the Human Library



So after a while of being off the grid, so to speak.  We are back with a new and very much improved online platform!

Please check out how the improved Creative Mental Health Guide looks.  I have loaded the last released issue to start with and plan to release our new content next week.

Please subscribe and leave us your comments and feedback we could love to hear your suggestions and thoughts on our new look.

We plan to use this space for general discussions and will link it to articles in the main CMGuide.  If you have lots to say, you can even sign up to become a blogger on our site!

We welcome open discussion

We will be loading some community rules around social etiquette, and please, if you see anything you think should not be on her please reported to us.

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Happy days :0)