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Calm your way to wellness with yogic breathing By Sandy Hector

According to the ancient yogic teachings, all things in the universe are made up of energy particles; prana, the universal life force.  Prana is in the environment in the form of our food, water, sun and air and the quality of the prana that we take in determines our energy levels.  Eating good, high quality … Continue reading Calm your way to wellness with yogic breathing By Sandy Hector

Lyrics By Paul Norton

  LIGHT AT YEAR’S END. Light escapes the landscape. The shadows spread and linger, touching my heart with an icy tingle. Whether crisp and clear or misty overcast makes no difference the die is cast!… Heaviness encroaching of hard frosty sheen such overwhelming… who remembers what has been? But does sheer harshness win the day, … Continue reading Lyrics By Paul Norton

Interview with Trialogue Artist Clare Holloway

Interview with Clare Holloway First of all let’s take some time to get to know you and what makes you tick.  You are part of the Good Mental Health Co-op and we have written all about the Trialogue project previously (click here to view this article), but I want to look at  what inspires your … Continue reading Interview with Trialogue Artist Clare Holloway

A Black Dog Walking ~By Abigail Wyatt

A Black Dog Walking my sweetest comfort was to weep into your fur we were younger then more resilient when you curled by my side in the midnight dark perhaps you dreamed of rabbits and bones I lay wakeful counting the hours not daring to dream at all enough to be weary exhaustion was my … Continue reading A Black Dog Walking ~By Abigail Wyatt

Until All Lives TRULY Matter By Paulissa Kipp

This piece was born of anger and heartbreak over the fear and injustices so prevalent in the United States.  The election did start the racism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, rape culture or misogyny – it merely took it out of the shadows.  As more and more people died in the streets, were told they did not … Continue reading Until All Lives TRULY Matter By Paulissa Kipp

One of the hardest things By Jo Clutton

…we’ve ever had to do. Grieving over the loss of a pet is HARD. Many people – those of a tougher disposition, perhaps, or those who’ve never had a pet – might not understand, I’m not blaming them, I’d like them to know – *bow, scrape*- and they might say: ‘It’s only a pet.’ Husband is … Continue reading One of the hardest things By Jo Clutton

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