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Creative Mental Health Guide Volume-4 Issue-2

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 Calm your way to wellness with self soothing ~by Sandy Hector

Sometimes when our minds start to tell us unwanted and distressing stories or thoughts, everything seems to look bad, you we may start to feel sad, depressed, anxious or angry and it feels like the whole world is coming crashing down.  However, there are some things you can do that may help. Dr Fiona Kennedy … Continue reading  Calm your way to wellness with self soothing ~by Sandy Hector

Misconceptions ~by Adam Hurford

Chapter I: Friendship Birds sing their final songs, and nestle their way into their nests as the sun slowly begins its decent behind the spacious homes of the sunny suburb. Timmy’s toes grip the long green blades of grass as he prepares to catch the incoming baseball. His palms are sweaty, but an expression stretches … Continue reading Misconceptions ~by Adam Hurford

Smile: it might never happen ~by Adam Hurford

Sick Like An Ocean ~by Abigail Elizabeth Wyatt

First you drew it from its case and its inner black shroud. Then you fondled it as if it were a kitten.   There was little light that day but I clearly remember how your brown eyes softened and shone.   Then you held it to your cheek a long thoughtful while before the dead … Continue reading Sick Like An Ocean ~by Abigail Elizabeth Wyatt

Routine doesn’t have to be dull ~by Jude Shaw

We all know the idea of routine sounds a bit staid. Something that we associate with sensible people or work, or school, or just living in a very structured way that signifies to some of us, a feeling of oppression. Have you considered how routine might be very good for your well-being though, especially if … Continue reading Routine doesn’t have to be dull ~by Jude Shaw

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a short story by Adam Hurford

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