Getting Published

Getting Published

The Creative Mental Health Guide is a worldwide online magazine. ‘Tackling stigma through creative sharing’

We are always on the lookout for artists to share their work with us and the world :0)

Are you a Creative person? Have you ever suffered mental ill health?

We want to know about it and share your story with the world! Your story could make all the difference to someone.

Are you a writer? artist? poet? photographer? Just you!?Whether you consider yourself an artist or you just play around for fun, we want to know.

We are creating a forum that openly discusses mental health and how creativity can aid our peace of mind and express emotions and perceptions through art of all forms.

We also like to lighten the read with a short story or comic reel that does not have to link directly with mental health. We have our ‘capture it’ page for a photo that sends you a calming feeling. Designed to create a sense of warmth and enjoyment to lighten what can sometimes be a collection of quite dark expressed emotions. We like stories of recovery and stories to inspire our readers and we also like realness and gritty truths. Its all about balance, just as life!

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The magazine is sent out to over 1500 subscribers and is accessible online on our website. It is a free resource open to anyone, with the aim of tackling stigma and creating open dialogue to discuss mental health. It is a charitable project so all submissions are voluntary, but we are happy to promote any blog /website, or work you do by adding your links and details to the page.

We will try to reply to all emails, however, this is difficult sometimes as this project is entirely volunteer based, so please be patient with us.

Ensure you are subscribed to our mailing list to receive an email of each issues release.  Sometimes we might spread your work across two issues and sometimes we might hold it back for the following issue; this is so we get the right balance for the readers.  We do not edit or change your article or story, it will be published just as you submit it to us.

With our new website we can now publish music files, videos and display your work in such a professional and visually pleasing way.  Not only this, but you can subscribe and create your own article to submit right here on our website!

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We look forward to seeing and reading your work. Thank you for being part of this :0)

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