Forum Theatre

 How forum Theatre Works

‘Forum Theatre’ originally called ‘the theatre of the oppressed’ was designed by Augusto Boal in the 1960’s in Brazil. During this time, the people of Brazil were not allowed to express an opinion over politics. Augusto Boal’s system of street theatre would let the public discuss their feelings and views without fear of punishment by the authorities. The performance involves a discussion point and interaction between audience and performer. When the play runs through for the second time, any member of the audience (‘spect-actor’) can take the place of one of the characters, showing how they could change the situation to enable a different outcome. Several alternatives may be explored by different spect-actors. The other actors remain in character, improvising their responses.
Augusto Boal used this modal to give people freedom of speech using political issues as the focus of the play. Later he travelled to Sicily, using Forum Theatre to aid women’s rights and help give them a voice. Today Forum Theatre is used across the globe in corporate training, universities, and, most recently as a form of therapy and social change in the views on mental health.
At Creative Mental Health UK we use this modal of social change to tackle stigma, help individuals to express themselves in a positive way while aiding interpersonal skills and a better understand of mental ill health. Building confidence and self-esteem through theatre arts and guided discussion by a professional in mental health, we deliver high quality workshops for all members of our community.

Our Actors

Most of the actors registered with Creative Mental Health have a lived experience in mental ill health which we consider an important part of our work.  Not only giving ad hock working opportunities to people, but also to provide a truly felt representation of mental illness and its effects.

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Some of our projects

Open Forum Theatre 2014

Open Forum Theatre Workshops Open Forum Theatre Workshops are 2-3hr sessions with the aim to provide the average person the opportunity to talk openly about mental health and learn more about tackling mental health issues for yourselves or for those around you.  These are open sessions to the community.  For information on the next planned … Continue reading Open Forum Theatre 2014

Stevenage Council’s Annual Youth Conference 2015

Creative Mental Health was proud to be part of The Stevenage Youth Council’s annual conference that focused on mental health awareness. We delivered two, 90 minute Forum Theatre workshops to around sixty-five youths of 12yrs to 16yrs old who attend a school in The Borough of Stevenage. We used activities to get them thinking, focusing on gaining … Continue reading Stevenage Council’s Annual Youth Conference 2015