The Benefits of Hypnotherapy ~ by Sandy Hector

Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Yoga Teacher Sandy Hector,  talks about the benefits of hypnotherapy

What do you know about hypnotherapy?

If you were to choose a hypnotherapist, how would you go about it?  First of all, and most importantly, choose a hypnotherapist with suitable qualifications, then find out how they work and what their fees are.  If you have a specific problem that you are seeking help for, ask how their therapy will help you.


A good hypnotherapist will base their therapy around the client’s problem.  This is called client centred therapy.  Some hypnotherapists simply read general scripts using suggestion and imagery.  This is called ‘Clinical Hypnotherapy’ and will work on its own for some of the people some of the time, however for the therapy to be successful, the hypnotherapist should base their practice on a solid foundation.  The ‘Four Cornerstones of Hypnotherapy’ (C Roy Hunter) are four important hypnotherapy objectives which provide a blueprint for increasing the probability of client success.  These ‘Cornerstones’ are 1.  Suggestion and Imagery, 2. Discover the Cause, 3. Release,  4. Subconscious re-learning.


Suggestion and imagery

If you, the client, have a strong emotional desire to change, then just using suggestion and imagery alone may be helpful.  However, without a strong emotional desire to accept the suggestions, either the conscious or the subconscious may block or resist the suggestions and the improvement may only be temporary.  For lasting success the other three cornerstones should be employed.


Discover the Cause

When you are in a state of hypnosis, you are deeply relaxed, your conscious analytical mind starts to recede and let go.  The subconscious or inner mind can then be guided back in your imagination, to reveal the cause of the problem.  It is then possible to look at childhood perceptions of the past with adult eyes and allow the emotion attached to this to be redirected or released in a positive way.  This leads us to the third cornerstone  – Release.



There are a number of different techniques that can be used to gain release from the cause of the problem without confronting anyone.  The hypnotherapist can facilitate forgiveness or release in an appropriate way, freeing the client from the bondage of holding a grudge and resolving the problem.


Subconscious re-learning

The fourth hypnotherapy objective uses suggestion and imagery to facilitate adult understanding at a subconscious level.  Clients verbalise their own re-learning and the hypnotherapist paraphrases back in the form of suggestions and imagery giving the client a more mature understanding and a new perception of the problem.

Sandy Hector, Hypnotherapy Isle of Wight,

How nourishing my body, nourished my soul ~ by Jude Shaw

My experience of mental health issues had been ongoing. Not that I would have ever considered myself to have any problems that would come under the category of Mental Health. As like many, I considered this to be a label for the darker side of not coping, psychosis, schizophrenia and other hard-hitting labels that seemed far from my world. I was however gripped for years in a fluctuating state of anxiety and mild depression; yes it was mild, perhaps twice a year but fairly cyclical, usually accompanied by feelings of overwhelm and general gloom. The thing is I was used to it. Whenever it reared itself I would think ‘oh here I am feeling like this again’. I put it down to just who I was, a deep thinker, highly sensitive, very empathetic; well all these traits do make life more difficult at times don’t they, don’t they? ….

I can easily trace why I experienced ongoing anxiety and depression quite easily but this is not the message from this article. The point was that from adolescence into adulthood I had struggled to adjust and to embrace my life. I had a lot of fears and huge helpings of stress that all accumulated in experiencing firstly terrible panic attacks in my late teens and early twenties, which then dulled down to a more generalized feeling of anxiety which accompanied me for months at a time; in fact I have no idea how long exactly. The pattern that I did start to see was that it was always kind of there, but managed, unless something more challenging came along in my life, and then it was really bad.

Bigger life challenges did come along as they do, break ups, losses, moving, change, all things that can occur in life, and during such times I would have a constant sense of jitteriness, I would wake up feeling nervous, I would go to bed feeling a sense of foreboding, I developed strong habitual behaviors that were all coping strategies and akin to OCD, although I understand now were all ways of giving my self a sense of control in situations. Despite all this I was still just about coping with life, holding down a job, or college, and still enjoying myself, although in the background there was this faint fuzz of fear. Getting wasted helped of course; I was the first to organise a party and enjoyed going to them. The gentle numbness of being slightly inebriated was, I thought, uplifting. When I look back now I did have a great, okay wild, time; I also know I was trying to hold it all together.

So, how did it all change for me?

A few years in to a very positive and loving relationship, that was nourishing me no end, I entered yet another winter of gloom. A number of external factors had occurred to really de-stabilise me, and also brought up a lot of past upsets, and I began to experience the all too familiar feelings of high anxiety and stress. Things got so bad that I felt sick every day. I also got in to a habit of feeling so nauseous in the evening that I could have gladly thrown up and it was all emotional stress, nothing else. Fortunately my very caring partner would make some light dinner for me each night, whether I could eat it or not. A week later of these feelings culminating and causing me to feel totally jittery and pre-occupied mentally I just knew in my spirit that I could not go on feeling like this as soon as life got a bit challenging. I suppose I did have a bit of a light bulb moment, in that somehow, feeling fed up with my patterns was so clear to me on this occasion I absolutely knew I had to make change for myself. I think the key factor was that I knew only I could really change my life and whatsmore, I wanted to!


My long-held interest in healthy eating had entered a new phase, thanks to my partner, and I had become a bit curious about raw foods and their benefits. He had gone on a workshop to learn how to make some things and had come home excited to share some of what had been made. The concept of raw foods was all quite new to me, although my passion for plant-based yumminess was not, and so I quickly became very intrigued as to what could be made without cooking food. On a nutritional front, I appreciated the pureness that raw foods held, and also the kind of combinations and ways of making food that could give such an instant boost, like making smoothies for example.

The particular awareness at this time, combined with wanting to help myself, became the catalyst for change. It is crystal clear to me the first time I chose to ‘react differently’ when engulfed in a state of panic. With helpful advice from a very close friend to move around and try to shift my energy (working and being aware of energies was still relatively new for me at this point), for probably the first time ever instead of staying rooted to the spot in rising panic attack I decided to move, get up and move my body, and focus on something else, so I went and made a smoothie. Amidst my cluttered and foggy thoughts I gathered that if I could make a smoothie for myself it would be nourishing for me, as I wasn’t feeling that hungry, and also it would distract me from focusing on myself and my panic. Incredible! A few moments in to throwing berries, bananas, avocado and other bits in to a blender, I was enjoying the ACT of making something nourishing for myself, as well as feeling a hell of a lot better for doing something practical, and getting myself out of my head! It was a breakthrough.

Thank you Natalie Fee. I love you.

I sat down with myself and made a fundamental decision to Be The Change. I knew that I had so much experience and insight that I could offer others experiencing crippling anxiety and mental health challenges but would not feel equipped to do this unless I had unraveled mine more, and worked out coping strategies. I felt I could life coach in some way, but was not sure how yet, the first step was to life coach myself to a place of feeling more whole. I upped my game with nourishing foods and balanced meals, as well as learning loads about the benefits of superfoods. I signed up for a course at the Nutritional Healing Foundation. Later by a twist of fate, I was fortunate enough to work for Raw Living, one of the leading raw food companies in the UK, and spent days sniffing and stroking superfood powders and having amazing conversations with my boss. I was in my element and am so grateful for the opportunity. It is no word of a lie that it totally rebuilt me from a cellular level; to the version of myself I am today.

I now have a greater understanding that combined with other positive changes we can introduce in to our lives, that what we eat is a huge factor in contributing to better balance; emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We need certain key nutrients to keep our brain nourished, which will contribute to uplifted moods and can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. A fundamental addition to any diet are EFA’s, called essential fatty acids for a reason, they are essential!!

Below is a simple smoothie that you can try that will nourish you and fill you up if you are not feeling as if you have much appetite.

I also recommend keeping a journal and writing to keep in touch with yourself. If you are not used to writing then you soon will be. It is an amazing release and container for all that you feel, and if done regularly you may also find that you can even ‘work things out’ on paper. I miss writing if I don’t do it regularly.

My current business is supporting people with bringing in healthier options to their daily diet that can provide more nourishment and conscious eating. I am no evangelist about healthy eating, I just know how transformational it can be, but you can still find me munching on a bag of crisps at times! I am also an Extreme advocate of writing and its healing benefits. I currently provide one to ones with nutritional advice and am setting up writing workshops to follow soon. If you feel I could support you in anyway do get in touch. My talents are varied!  :0)

Judelicious drink

1 banana, 1 pear, 1 kiwi

1/2 avocado

1 dsp cashew butter

1-2 handfuls of spinach or kale

1 tbsp  lecithin granules

1 dsp coconut butter

1 dsp maca powder, 1 tsp spirulina

Filtered water added to blend to a suitable consistency

Add almond milk or oat milk to taste


Thistle Strong ~ by Paulissa Kipp

The summer of 2011 brought heavy flooding and devastation to the Midwest. Nourishing water delivered death and destruction. Yet I wandered by river bank and there in front of me a thistle grew.  Drowning yet standing strong, as purple, fragrant and thorny as ever.  The thought occurred to me that in the aftermath of devastation, only the strong things with tender hearts and spirits will thrive.

I wonder why


Sweetly spoken with barbs that pierce bring

Fears like rain and fragrance to bear


Gnarled like an arthritic hand

Smells like life

Rock solid I will endure


With the love it sometimes takes, your heart is free

When you forget my love, I try to remind you

The sun that alights upon my wishes resting upon my heart


Paulissa Edana Kipp, Certified Peer Specialist
Callayosa in Chief, Third Eye Phoenix
The Art of Intuitive Becoming