What is the difference between a Yantra and a Mandala? ~by Sandy Hector

This depends largely on the tradition that you are coming from.  My background is Yoga and from a Yogic point of view a Yantra is part of the tantric tradition; the science of vibration.  Yantras are geometrical designs that represent the merging of consciousness and energy and are used in meditation to awaken dormant centres of the brain.  For example the Sri Yantra is a visual representation of the sound of OM which is said to be the very first vibration in the universe

Vibrations are still very subtly present in the world today and affect consciousness, energy, mind and matter.  In fact everything in nature is affected by sound vibrations.  Einstein’s theory that every atom in the universe is made up of vibrations and his famous equation E=mc2 supports this.

The vibrations created while chanting mantras can have very profound effects on the mind and behaviour by subtly calming and focusing the mind.  

Yantras are normally made up to triangles and circles within a framework of squares.  Square yantras with four doors facing north, south, east and west represent the material world and the inner world of the senses and sense objects.  They have four entrances or dwaras (portals) which represent how we function and survive in the material world.

Triangles represent our journey in life.  An upward turned triangle represents when consciousness becomes active and our spiritual journey is upwards towards freedom.  A downward turned triangle represents a journey towards what is binding, constricting and confining.

Sri Yantra
Example of the Sri Yantra

An important part of using a yantra for healing is the process of drawing it.  A yantra must be meticulously drawn and must be of the exact geometrical proportions to enable the unconscious mind to manifest.  Drawing the Sri Yantra is definitely a challenge; you have to concentrate very hard to get the measurements exactly right, but the hard work does focus the mind and when finished gives you a sense of achievement and pleasure.  

This link gives instructions on how to draw the Sri Yantra

A Mandala on the other hand is a personal representation of an individual’s inner mind; a subtle link to the higher mind.  Creating a personal Mandala can be used to heal and spiritually uplift the mind.  

This link to how to create your own personal Mandala to help you lead a more authentic and meaningful life.


Survivor Love Letter ~by Paulissa Kipp


You may be wondering if anyone cares about what happened to you, if you are heard and seen.  Rest assured you are.

You may feel as though every person who looks at you can see your pain and only the acts that were perpetrated upon you.  Rest assured that this world can see your light, magnificence and strength.

You may wonder if you will ever feel safe again.  Safety is many things, dear one.  You will learn what safety, at its deepest, soul level means to you.  Both within and outside of yourself.  Maybe safety for you means being able to freely express yourself:  to write, dance, speak, journal or make art.  Maybe to listen to music that speaks to your soil.  You will learn to navigate the world in a different way and you will be the person who will see what others don’t.  To ring the bell when something isn’t right.  Because wounding and survival bring wisdom.

Warrior Of Love Betrayed-Paulissa Kipp

You may think you are alone, not enough and doubt your worth and judgment.   You are NOT alone.  So many of your sisters and brothers see and hear you and we are holding space for you.  We have loving hands for you to hold onto and strong shoulders to help carry the pain.  You will learn that your gut is your best compass and you can trust it.

You may feel that your scars – emotional or physical – are that remains of you.  Beloved, you cannot be wiped away.  You are a Phoenix resting and you will rise again.  This walk is not one you need to walk alone.


You may feel that the darkness will eat you alive.  Baby steps, dear one..  Strength is forged from vulnerability.  Every day that you get up, talk, speak and love yourself creates more space for your light to shine.

You may feel as though the future only holds pain or certainty.  You have permission not to know all of the answers.  Resources and information are there for you now or whenever you are ready.

You are precious and you are loved.  You are not alone.

You have the power of the stars, the comets and the Universe to manifest your dreams. For you are born of the stars, are shined upon by the sun and moon and smile the rainbow. ~ Paulissa Kipp


Activist, advocate, mixed media artist, author, Mental Health 1st Responder, Certified Peer Specialist, photographer and speaker. Paulissa Kipp brings awareness to the need for social change with line, color, motion, words, camera lens, words and through strength of spirit.

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