Open Forum Theatre 2014

Open Forum Theatre Workshops

Open Forum Theatre Workshops are 2-3hr sessions with the aim to provide the average person the opportunity to talk openly about mental health and learn more about tackling mental health issues for yourselves or for those around you.  These are open sessions to the community.  For information on the next planned session please see our Events page

Creative Mental Health UK is all about learning and talking through creative means to develop a positive approach to mental health. So who is this aimed at? A significant part of our work is to tackle stigma, so we don’t want to divide people into labels. Our mental health is as important as our physical health and deserves equal attention. We are all touched by some form of mental health issue at some point of our lives, whether personal, or through a friend, or family member. This Open Forum Theatre Workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to talk openly about mental health, to find new coping skills, work through negative thinking and gain greater understanding and ways to deal with the negative aspects of mental ill-health.   The focus of this workshop is to offer a creative way to discuss mental health, to tackle stigma and offer an environment to share and learn by actively using theatre to create an enjoyable experience.

Forum Theatre works and it provides a great way to talk about such difficult subjects because feelings and experiences can be shared in an indirect and creative way using drama to tell a story, a story that is entirely led by the audience. We use exercises to aid understanding and offer food for thought. GREAT for the CREATIVE BEING! Equally for those who are more reserved and struggle to express feelings under normal environments.

Forum Theatre helps to reduce the personal impact of sharing and creates a forum to communicate views indirectly, as a character of the play. Great for the more reserved who have difficulty discussing how things impact on them. The evening can be used to gain advice or as a means of discussion. You can either simply observe and privately contemplate, or you can be actively involved in discussion and/or creative improvised theatre.  The play will be a scene close to real life that will invoke a response from its audience. The game is then for the audience to change the play for the better, while also acting as an ice-breaker for discussion.

These sessions were featured in The Hampshire Festival of the Mind 2014 and were funded by the National Lottery.

Please note that this group is not to be used as a form of therapy.  If you require any help in deciding if this is for you or for sign-posting to something more relevant please get in touch. – Sarah

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