Trialogue Mental Wealth Hampshire

Within our community there is a huge diversity of knowledge and experience about mental health, that we like to call ‘Mental Wealth’. The Good Mental Health Cooperative is hosting this third event as a means of communicating about mental health through a powerful open dialogue and participatory process called ‘Trialogue’.

For details on our next Trialogue Group go to the Events Calendar! good mental health co-op

Trialogue groups exist in many places in Europe and can help communities to change the perception that only professionals are the experts. Mental health is everyone’s business, regardless of their background and experience.

A ‘Trialogue’ group is a neutral space when people can gather to develop their understanding of mental health issues, and to transform thinking on developing better services and healthy communities.

Trialogue meetings are welcoming and inclusive of all community members, including service users, carers, families, friends, professionals and anyone with an interest in good mental health in the community.

Below is a gallery of art work inspired by the Trialogue group.  We featured artist Clare Holloway who we interviewed for the CreativeMH Guide, click here to ready all about 

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