Yes or No to Uniforms in Mental Health Hospitals

In response to a move by some Mental Health Services to introduce a uniform policy for the nurses working on the wards, we would like to take a survey on how our community feel about this.

The survey will not ask for any details from you but will register your IP address to ensure the form is only completed once. This is important to us, as we want to collect a true representation of the statistics.

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We will release the results in our next issue of the Creative Mental Health Guide.

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Any problems filling in the survey here you can click this link to open  in survey monkey 

7 thoughts on “Yes or No to Uniforms in Mental Health Hospitals

  1. No to uniforms in mental health. Lets consider the feelings of patients and allow mh nurses to be approachable and inconspicuous.

  2. No to uniform. It causes barriers when we should be breaking them down. We need to get away from the them and us mind set and truly embrace being on a journey together. Why have a visible symbol of our differences? Also, within the workplace, why are we so desperate to remind each other where we all are on the NHS hierarchy? It’s weird. Foster therapeutic relationships, with people who use our services by demonstrating that they have the power and we are there to help them on their journey.

  3. As I work nights I can’t say a lot but what I will say is I totally agree with what people have said . I also think that they could sort out a cooler one for the summer as it is uncomfortable to work in .

  4. No to uniform , when taking patients out I make a conscious effort to take name badge off , and where possible put a jumper of some sort to cover work polo shirt. Patients do not want others to think they are being escorted when on S17

  5. A specific uniform for mental health nurses in the ward could be counterproductive. Many people with mental health problems have experienced spells in prison or may have been arrested. They may react negatively to people in uniforms.

  6. No. Even though we have recently been made to wear them. Yes they can look the part and smart but interacting with patients has been affected abit and also going on escorts and community leave with them proves difficult.

    1. This is my main concern. . I would not like to be out with nurse in uniform. To me it’s like wearing a big sign saying I’m in the mental ward

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